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Product Care


Note: All Zippo Windproof Lighters are delivered unfilled. For optimal performance, fill with only Zippo premium lighter fluid.

Getting Started


Filling or Refilling the Lighter

Wick Maintenance/Installing the Wick

Replacing the Flint

Brass Lighters

What prevents my Zippo brass lighter from tarnishing? 

Each Zippo brass lighter has a lighter protective coating to prevent tarnishing before it is used. The coating will wear off with normal use. 

How do I clean my Zippo brass lighter? 

To restore the natural patina of solid brass, we recommend the following:

  • High Polish case: Clean with brass polish.
  • Brush finish case: Gently clean with multi-purpose cleaning such as a light or medium duty Scotch-Brite brand (do not use steel scouring pad).

Carefully rub the pad in the same direction of the grain on the finish. 

How do I clean the laser engraved brass design on my matte lighter? 

The laser design exposes the brass surface which my tarnish. This is a normal characteristic of brass. To clean the brass, we recommend using a soft cloth and brass cleaner. 

Antique Finish Lighters

Will the finish on my antique finish lighter wear off? 

The antique finish lighter has a unique finish to give it a used, nostalgic and time-worn look. This finish is not permanent and will begin to wear with use. 

How do I prevent the finish on my Zippo antique finish lighter from wearing off? 

When exposed to alcohol or lighter fluid, the antiquing will immediately begin to wear. When filling the lighter, avoid spilling lighter fluid on the outer case. 

Gold Lighters

How do I care for the finish on my Zippo gold lighter? 

Gently clean plated portions with a soft cloth and water or Zippo Lighter Fluid. Do not use abrasive substances. 

Pipe Lighters

What makes the Zippo lighter insert unique? 

The chimney of the Zippo pipe lighter encases flame in metal, allowing the flame to be drawn directly into the pipe without damaging the bowl. The pipe lighter insert fits in any standard (not slim) Zippo windproof lighter. 

How do I remove the chimney cap? 

For maintenance purposes, the cap on the chimney of your Zippo pipe lighter is removable. To remove the cap, slip your thumbnail under the edge of either end and lift.